Provide affordable housing for all incomes, ages, races, and ethnicities

The tri-state region suffers from a severe and growing housing crisis, due in part to stagnant earnings and rising housing costs. This has squeezed out middle-income families, while those with low incomes can face overcrowding, displacement, and homelessness. The region’s legacy of discrimination and segregation has limited housing opportunities, especially for communities of color.   

At the regional level, demand for housing far exceeds supply. The region needs more multifamily, affordable housing in every community, particularly near transit. A stable and rational housing market will require reforming zoning and financing rules to facilitate more transit-oriented and mixed-use development; allowing more two-family houses and accessory dwellings, and providing incentives for primary residences over secondary ones. 

We must invest in public housing and increase subsidies to low-income people who cannot find homes in the private market. And we need to maintain diverse and mixed-income neighborhoods in all communities by requiring inclusionary zoning in every community, expanding and enforcing fair housing laws, and protecting people from unaffordable rent increases and displacement. 

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