Make the region affordable for everyone

Wherever they choose to live in the region, people seek many of the same things: an affordable home, a good job within commuting distance, safe streets, a healthy environment, and good schools. Yet rising housing costs and stagnant incomes are making these qualities increasingly hard to find in one place. More and more, residents must make difficult decisions between an affordable home or a good school; a better job or a safe environment; a community they value or one where they may be displaced. 

We need complete communities that are healthy, welcoming, and enjoyable places to live—as well as affordable. Constructing more new homes, especially near transit stations, is only the first step to make the housing market more stable and affordable. We should also make sure all neighborhoods include homes that are affordable for low-income households, and that fair housing regulations are enforced. We must also encourage diversified job growth in cities and downtowns throughout the region, while maintaining New York City’s position as a leading global city and economic powerhouse that offers opportunities for all.