Create a dynamic, customer-oriented transportation network

Transportation is the backbone of the region’s economy and essential to the quality of life for all residents. Yet the region has outgrown an aging transportation system that is increasingly unreliable and unable to respond to changing needs, technology and travel patterns. Years of underinvestment in both maintenance and new transit systems during a time of rapid economic and population growth have led to congestion, delays, and deteriorating infrastructure. Many improvements could be made quickly and inexpensively at the local level, such as prioritizing people over private automobiles to make city streets and suburban roads safer and more pedestrian friendly. 

But the region also needs large-scale transportation projects to better serve the residents of this dynamic, growing metropolitan region. Transforming the fragmented commuter rail network into a comprehensive regional rail system would greatly expand capacity and reduce travel times throughout the region. Strategic investments in the subway system would make it reliable, comfortable and fast, and accessible from more neighborhoods. Traffic congestion would be sharply reduced. An integrated network of buses, light rail and affordable on-demand car service would transform above-ground transit. High-speed rail connections and modernized airports and seaports would improve global connections and intercity travel.